Merce is now Remiges

From being a vendor to a partner to a collaborator to a symbiotic part of growth - Merce has grown to Remiges. With Product Engineering, Modern Applications, Cloud-first Business Applications & Modern Databases - Merce has modernised, grown and upgraded.

23rd Aug '23

A product is what a product does

A product is a product and a project is a project, and ne’er the twain shall meet. We build scalable, extensible, adaptable and easily maintainable products. They build lives.

Questions about Product Engineering

The process, journey and meaning of Product Engineering. What we do and what it can do for you.

‘Design’ can refer to the overall conceptualisation, features, technical architecture, etc, or sometimes, just the UI design. Some of our clients want to do the UI design in-house, so for them, we do the rest.

A software project gives you a piece of software which will meet today’s needs, but is not designed and built for high scalability, ease of configuration and extensibility. It will work for one client, one organisation, one culture, and one set of business rules. A product is, by definition, expected to cater to a variety of organisations with changing needs and business rules, and is expected to accommodate these pushes and pulls with as little code change as possible.

Yes. And your investment in product will be higher. Because ours is. There is a lot more effort involved in designing and developing a product than a regular one-off software project. The design and architecture needs to take into account a lot of future-proofing, scalability, and flexibility. For instance, products may want to work across currencies or timezones; this makes them more complex. Multi-lingual UI, multiple sets of business rules or compliance rules, all add up. You expect your product investment to work over a much longer lifetime, so we may want to add automated regression testing.

If you want to see us as long-term partners, we’ll build the v1.0 of your product and then run an off-site development centre for you, where a stable team will work full-time in revisions, extensions, and future versions. You call it dependency, we love to work this way and we call it partnership.

Or, we can also work for you to do a beautifully designed and architected product for you, and hand over the reins after v1.0 (plus six months of bug fixes). Your in-house team, or a different vendor, can then take things over.

Our Products. Customer’s Delights.


A SaaS service offering unprecedented scale and a 360-degree insight into your email delivery performance. Helps customers understand their customers. A million recipients. A single source. Trusted by companies; loved by developers.

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The next generation messaging and collaboration app for small business owners and community groups. When you realise it’s not about just chit-chat, Sydkyk helps you organise your group, get things done, and gets out of the way. The app, a brainchild of the startup, Kvadrato, is quietly changing the way workgroups work.

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Integrating large blueprints, checklists, notes and reports of civil constructions into an iPad. Automating the entire on-site activity - supporting huge PDF blueprints of 1GB+ in size, Identifying, raising, tabulating and tracking issues for faster closure. Buildings in the Netherlands are now safer and defect-free.

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Built on Linux, to provide a scalable, high throughput log aggregation and forensic analysis platform. It receives log messages from all the custom business applications of the client, across various units, and allows inspection at a centralised repository.

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A mobile-first product to enable a start-up to pay retail users for customer acquisition by passing special offers to them. The user would accept the offer for a trial, for a test drive, for a free sample, and would get paid hard cash from the advertiser. All in a day’s work.

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Large multi-locational organisations. Tens of thousands of officers. You need to manage their data, their emails, their Internet access, enforce corporate policies and stay within the guardrails of business conduct. Servaya orchestrates hundreds of servers across dozens of sites to allow a tiny team of devops engineers to manage the plumbing and stay on top of things.

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