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23rd Aug '23

UPSDM using Postgres


India’s largest state set a target to build a vocational training portal to impart vocational training to their several million unemployed youth.

Challenges, not problems

The project specs, given in the tender document, was open-ended and at a high level. The volume of applicants for these courses was higher than anticipated. Infrastructure would not be available in time for the system to go live.

Solutions, not ideas

We tapped the power of AWS and Postgres to deliver on time. We set up our own hand-optimised Postgres instance on AWS EC2, and added high throughput disk storage with Provisioned IOPS. There were powerful batch processes which ran every day to handle.

Now that’s value

Thanks to the rock-solid reliability and predictable performance of Postgres, we could deliver twice the transactions in two months as what had been budgeted for three years.