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23rd Aug '23

Sweet : Paid market

penetration via community


The Sweet service allows big brands to make offers to its millions of users, where the user is actually paid, or given a discount, if he avails of it through the Sweet app.

Challenges, not problems

The service and its app needed to serve large user communities across various countries, with various regulatory regimes, diverse demographics, language hurdles, unique compliance and culture barriers. All while remitting money directly from the manufacturer to the user who availed of an offer.

Solutions, not ideas

Scalable from the word go, the code was heavily parameterised to support language switching, and the UI was designed carefully for fast market penetration and quick user acceptance with minimum effort from the user’s side.

Now that’s value

Launched at GITEX , a giant consumer electronics trade show in the Middle East, garnered over 11,000 sign ups within 5 days.