Merce is now Remiges

From being a vendor to a partner to a collaborator to a symbiotic part of growth - Merce has grown to Remiges. With Product Engineering, Modern Applications, Cloud-first Business Applications & Modern Databases - Merce has modernised, grown and upgraded.

23rd Aug '23

Migrating applications to cloud

We help you move out of fixed, 20th century on-premise data centres to cloud infrastructure as efficiently as your application allows. We can execute straight lift-and-shift migrations or re-write the server-side code to go serverless and use cloud features in the most optimal manner.

Migrating database to Postgres

Maybe you’re smarting from the whiplash of proprietary database licence fees. You add a new server for an additional replica and pay fifty thousand dollars in licence fees. We help you migrate to Postgres or EnterpriseDB with near-zero code changes to your main application. We also migrate the data and show you how to feed and care for your Postgres pet.

Infrastructure Management

If you have fifty or five hundred servers, we bring in Remiges ServerSage and our shared-services team to monitor it 24x7 using advanced tools and instant alerts. Our data can even help you optimise your own infrastructure.

Internet-scale application development, cloud based

Your next application is a dream in your inner eye, and you need to cater to five million transactions per hour. We give you the design and architecture, the tools and processes, and then build and set it up. We use the Internet tech stacks to give you Internet-scale applications. Some out there still think that scaling up the application throughput means increasing the RDS instance size.

Applications across multiple clouds

Straddling multiple cloud services is becoming a fact of life for the larger enterprise organisations. At the least, cloud-agnostic strategies point towards disaster failover from one service to the other, and we can set it up automated replications. For deeper integrations, we have the security hooks and latency handling tricks to deliver distributed application straddling multiple clouds. All, in real time.

Developing & deploying containerized applications

Containers are a key part of our modern applications, whether on local DC or on the cloud. Containers, coupled with build automation, allow us to roll back and restart containers as both a high availability as well as a security incident response strategy. We have evolved our architecture practice to do uniform horizontal scale-out using containers, and treating on-premise servers as “cattle not pets”.

Migrating to cloud database services

If your application is on the cloud, your database can be a DaaS instance. We can help you move from hand-installed database to DaaS, or even back to hand-installed, depending on your specific optimum point. If you require to step outside the relational DB universe, we will do cloud data warehouses, analytics data lakes, and ad hoc query systems for you. Let’s make the cloud slog for you.