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23rd Aug '23



1Pay are building a slew of services around the ETC Fastag, for the logistics and transport sectors.

Challenges, not problems

They needed a really convenient app to help their Fastag users keep track of tolls paid, recharges done, and everything in between. It needed to work for both the individual trucker and the accounts officer of the fleet trucking company.

Solutions, not ideas

We built the app using Ionic Angular, and got in our highly talented UI design associates to re-imagine the user experience, doing two versions of the UI. The client had server-side code which was constantly evolving, and we had to collaborate with their server-side team to converge at speed, a little bit like shaking hands across two moving cars by matching speeds. But then that’s the world of startups and the Internet.

Now that’s value

The best mobile apps look beguilingly simple. We understand the engineering which takes you there, and we worked with 1Pay to deliver a great experience to their logistics partners and truck drivers.