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23rd Aug '23

Keurix BV


The building inspection app for your smartphone or tablet.

Challenges, not problems

Keurix wanted to give each inspector an iPad with blueprints and checklists, so that he could walk around, inspect each pipe, tap, fitting, and electrical duct and make precise notes. Users needed to work at construction sites where there was no Internet connection, and yet wanted all data and features to work without hiccups.

Solutions, not ideas

Integrating large blueprints, checklists, notes on a notepad (with a pen!) and reports of civil constructions into an iPad. Automating the entire on-site activity - supporting huge PDF blueprints of 1GB+ in size, Identifying, raising, tabulating and tracking issues for faster closure. Buildings in the Netherlands are now safer and defect-free.

Now that’s value

Changed the way construction is monitored and broken new ground in the time-to-report area, from the day the inspector does his rounds to the day the report reaches the construction team’s management.