Merce is now Remiges

From being a vendor to a partner to a collaborator to a symbiotic part of growth - Merce has grown to Remiges. With Product Engineering, Modern Applications, Cloud-first Business Applications & Modern Databases - Merce has modernised, grown and upgraded.

23rd Aug '23

Productised Services

A product is something we build. A service is something we offer, sometimes, using the products with build. A productised service takes both - it is a service in the packet of a product; a product in the garb of a service. Some services are packaged in clean reusable units which you can pick from a menu and add to your applications or infrastructure.



Your servers, applications, network components, and databases are complex and finely-tuned. Any system with many moving parts needs to be monitored, since one part’s failure or choking can bring down the entire service delivery.

Enter ServerSage. Built and re-built using our experience of two decades with multi-server systems, this system today offers you a totally structured and process-directed rollout of our extensive monitoring toolset, built on a Prometheus framework. We have custom-built monitoring agents monitoring not just infrastructure but also application code and databases. Each agent acts as a Prometheus exporter, pumping data into the sophisticated time-series database which the Prometheus system is so well known for.

To roll out ServerSage, we follow a regimented process of listing all assets to be monitored, listing all the attributes of these assets which we can monitor through ServerSage, adding new agents if needed, and then running the real-time data stream against our business rules to generate alerts. Our engineers operate the system round the clock (we need very few eyes on the screen) and take actions as per your prescribed standard operating procedures when an alert is raised or some intervention is needed.

The core ServerSage service monitors your application and infrastructure. Add-on services provide additional services like infrastructure migration,

IDshield on Keycloak

Authentication and authorization are two problems all business applications need to address. Your dev teams write code from scratch for every application, implementing login screens, user addition/deletion screens, and so on. New bugs surface in each implementation and security holes are a pain in your neck.

Enter Remiges IDshield. Built on Keycloak. This sub-system integrates with any of your business applications in any programming language and takes care of authentication and authorization. The highly secure, trusted code of Keycloak is not modified; all features are retained. We have extended Keycloak to add new features which are not present in the standard release. We also provide you client libraries in various programming languages which will help you integrate your server-side code with ID. Your code will not need to maintain user tables -- IDshield will do that for you.

IDshield will implement the login feature on browser based applications, mobile apps, and PWA. A common IDshield setup will give you a unified, or segmented, user database across multiple applications. If you have a B2B application integration scenario, each foreign application can be given its own OpenID realm for managing their own users and authentication credentials.

Our productised services under IDshield cover the Keycloak extensions, client libraries in Java, Go and PHP for integration, training and tuorials, sample code, and consulting. IDshield will be installed on your servers -- it is not a SaaS service.

LogHarbour on Kafka

In the modern compliance-minded, security-aware world, business applications need three types of logging: a change log or audit trail to track all changes to all data, an activity log to track who did what, to what, where, when, from where, and a debug log, to be switched on and off, for diagnostics.

Our LogHarbour system is built on Kafka, and can log millions of entries per second, from a cluster of your servers. Our productised service includes client libraries for integrating logging with your applications. We have client libraries in Java, Go and PHP currently; dotNet availability is slated for mid-2024. Our service offerings include our client libraries, installation support, training and tutorials to help you integrate LogHarbour into your code, and consulting.