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23rd Aug '23

Edelweiss PG Migration


The client needed to move away from a proprietary database system which had served them for many years, as part of a strategic move to invest in open source and optimise investments.

Challenges, not problems

The legacy system had a multi-TB database, growing at the rate of about 2TB a year. It had large stored procedures, and it was heavily used by about 350-400 concurrent users at any point in time. The aim of the project was to migrate the data, replace the database system, with only extremely small changes to the application code.

Solutions, not ideas

Our team studied the stored procedures, took a copy of the data into Postgres, and reimplemented the stored procedures in Postgres. We also refactored one or two of the stored procedures to enhance overall system throughput. The application code needed very little change. A lot of parallel runs and data checks finally demonstrated successful migration.

Now that’s value

This was one of the largest databases in the client’s arsenal, and the first one they migrated to Postgres. Subsequently, they adopted a strategy of migrating most other legacy databases over a few years.