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23rd Aug '23

CBS Business Portal


Central Bookshop is one of India’s top distributors and service providers for school books and consumables.

Challenges, not problems

They needed a software solution to manage the complex problem of logging large and complex orders from school groups, and then servicing them with full tracking and without errors.

Solutions, not ideas

We built a system to operate from the cloud, connect to their cloud-hosted ERP system in real time, and provide detailed and user-friendly dashboards for different user profiles. This system uses Keycloak for user management, API gateways for federation and aggregation, and Postgres running in AWS RDS for its primary data store. Extensive change logging and observability features are being added. The functionality is being extended to integrate with tech-savvy suppliers for a real-time end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Now that’s value

The school supplies distribution market is ripe for the next level of automation and third-party integration. We are helping CBS take the lead in this space at a national level.