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From being a vendor to a partner to a collaborator to a symbiotic part of growth - Merce has grown to Remiges. With Product Engineering, Modern Applications, Cloud-first Business Applications & Modern Databases - Merce has modernised, grown and upgraded.

23rd Aug '23



A centralised logging system was needed to capture all logs coming from various business applications in the customer’s data centre, for forensics and health monitoring.

Challenges, not problems

The logs needed to be captured and viewed through a reporting GUI, which needed to filter and display only the entries the user had access to. The log collection layer needed to work on multiple OS platforms and pick up logs from a diverse variety of sources.

Solutions, not ideas

We built the system on the ELK stack, and added our own customised reporting layer by extending Kibana. We added authentication and authorization to the reporting and dashboards, and integrated this with the enterprise Active Directory to allow the AD admin to decide who had access to which reports. We extended LogStash to enable pick-up of log data from various sources not supported out of the box.

Now that’s value

For the first time, the organisation’s diverse family of custom applications began to see log data in one place, on a single screen. It was a wow moment for many application heads.