Merce is now Remiges

From being a vendor to a partner to a collaborator to a symbiotic part of growth - Merce has grown to Remiges. With Product Engineering, Modern Applications, Cloud-first Business Applications & Modern Databases - Merce has modernised, grown and upgraded.

23rd Aug '23



Offer a platform for bringing together FMCG manufacturers, distributors, banks, and insurance providers.

Challenges, not problems

They had a superb browser based solution, but the market was begging for mobile apps. They needed the mobile apps built and rolled out. And as always, they needed them yesterday.

Solutions, not ideas

We built two mobile apps for Actyv, one for distributors to enroll and engage, and one for the Actyv admin team to manage their relationships. These were built in Ionic React, delivering the power and joy of hybrid mobile apps. Since the client was already living a cloud-first life, we contributed our bit: the build automation system for the mobile apps use Github Actions.

Now that’s value

Actyv has an awesome platform in a niche area, growing the distribution dimension of various industries. They understand cloud-first . We fit right in.